bill the splutravaganza

March 29, 2002
Bill the Splut's The News had a terrific set of links yesterday, so I think I'll just blatantly mooch off of him today. Plenty of reading for the weekend!

Story of the Moment
Scott McCloud (author of "Understanding Comics") has made one of his Zot! stories especially for online viewing...Hearts and Minds is so good, I'm going to try to get some of the older series. The Zot! universe is one where the visions of the future from the 19th and 20th century came true. "Hearts and Minds" makes excellent use of some of the great thought experiments of the philosophy of consciousness, though it doesn't go quite so deeply as I would have like, dwelling more on ideas of mortality. Anyway, great stuff, and the entire 16 part series is available there.

Reference of the Moment
Speaking of comics, Don Markstein's Toonpedia is an amazingly wide ranging reference to Toons, both animated and from the printed page. It's incredible to try to read all the way through, seeing all the creativity (and lack thereof) that has gone on in this field. And I kind of like Markstein's refusal to be really negative about any Toon, even some of the easy targets. Anyway, I hadn't thought about Captain Caveman, shown here, for...well, at least a month.

Parody of the Moment (Good Friday Special)
"With You Always", a series of "outsider art" images showing Jesus watching over people as they act out their various professions has been making the rounds of the would be web-hipsters, but I think they're much funnier with these captions [marginally offensive link]. (You can also see the originals.)