not your father's volkswagen rabbit

March 30, 2002
Have you seen this ad for the new Saturn SUV, the VUE? It has a VUE, apparently the size (and color) of one of the wild hares it's with in a winter wilderness, when suddenly a cougar attacks, singling out the SUV, but then gets caught on a log after trying to run the vehicle down. Well, the TV version adds the caption "Professional Driver, Closed Course". Well, thanks for that one! I guess I won't try this at home, escaping from a wild cougar 10 times the size of my vehicle.

AOL Chat of the Moment
kirk: what's for lunch?
john: whatever
kirk: a big steam plate of indifference it is then
john: sweet!
kirk: sweet, sweet indifference. Where would I be without you? Caring about every damn thing that's what
--Maybe you had to be there...oh, wait, John WAS there. Must be just me.

Link of the Moment
Where do you go for your half-baked ideas? Why, the halfbakery, of course. (Link via a Slashdot article about this NY Times piece with 9 interesting technology ideas.)