more than ben franklin and cheesesteak

April 10, 2002
So Ranjit mentioned PhillyClassic, a video game convention (with a classic gamer bent, though not limited to the golden oldies) I think I'd like to go to that, but would prefer not to shell out $90 for a hotel...are there any Friends of Kirk in that general area who might be willing to put me up for a night? (Friday the 26th)

Kirk Trivia: I was born in Phildephia, but only lived there for 3 months.

Koook of a Past Moment
Cleaning out my harddrive (clean harddrive, clean life) I found this program Donald D. Woods sent me on floppy, when I was about to graduate from college. It was a DOS-based text viewer for his weird rants...I think he was trying to enlist my help on something, or hire me, it was never quite clear. Anyway, once I realized The Legend & Mythology of the Seventh Son was online, I felt free to discard this little bit of kookware.