congressional medal of deadly ninja throwing star

April 11, 2002
Yeesh, has been on cruise control for a while, huh? One link, one quote a day. All well, guess I might be haunted by that whole unemployment spectre. (Boo.)

News of a Previous Moment
A February 24 commentary on an older gentleman who was kept at a security gate because of the suspicious, rather pointy pointy metal he had on his person. The catch? It was the guy's Congressional Medal of Honor. OK, not that I would recognize one at first sight either, but the thing has an explanation engraved on the back. Better watch out, though...those 86 year old retired generals would probably be able to turn that thing into an incredibly dangerous projectile.

FAQ of the Moment
Q: Is The Simpsons better than South Park?
A: According to Matt and Trey... yes
Matt and Trey are the creators of the show. Recent big news there is that Kenny is dead, more or less for good this time. (Yeah yeah yeah, "They killed Kenny" "You bastards!", yada yada yada) Anyway, I appreciated this answer.