glob is for hutts, not humans

Office Toy of the Moment
I got this Jabba figure cheap at KayBee. I cut out the sign he's holding from the box he came says "Jabba Glob" and then "Jabba the Hutt is Oozing with Fun!" He came with green goo with plastic frogs in it that you can put in the main body and then have him drool out of his mouth. I like the implied history in this paragraph from the back of the box:
Please the might Hutt by feeding him
his favorite snack--Jabba Glob! This
dripping, frog-filled delicacy is found
only on Jabba's home planet of Tatooine.
Be sure not to eat any yourself--Glob
is for Hutts, not humans!

Link of a Past Moment
Sitting around the backlog since a few days before WTC, a music video with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. You can see some of the source material here. You know, it kind of looks like he's been into the Glob himself. In any event, this much corporate enthusiasm is not a good thing.