it ain't rocket science

Funny of the Moment
I know I shouldn't be talking about my problems on this show, but frankly, it's depressing to get to my age and realize that probably this is about as smart as I'm ever going to be. Probably I'll just go on doing what I do now, which is brain surgery. I've always been interested in the brain, and the recent changes in health care aimed at controlling costs have opened up the field of brain surgery to people outside of medicine, and what can I say? I've been the low bidder on a number of operations.
GK: How're we doing here? He looks asleep, doesn't he?
Tim: Looks asleep to me.
GK: Well I guess we'll know in a moment. Say, when it says "right side of the brain," does it mean his right or our right?
Tim: His right, I think.
GK: I think you're right. (FX:POWER DRILL REVS UP, DRILLING)
A Prairie Home Commonplace Book

Link of the Moment
Huh, the links haven't been too stellar lately...I think the quotes have been pretty decent, but I've been finding fewer cool sites.

Anyway, cool but in a math-geek way, Cut-The-Knot "Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles".

'Course, this I haven't really checked out that link for a while, and right now my 'net connection is really really lousy. But it has some cool java and javscript bits.