April 30, 2002
So, the "Word Fugitives" column in the June Atlantic has the neologism for what I'm going through now: a karmaclysm. From unemployment against the backdrop of the stock market swooning, to relatives breaking limbs, to various minor medical maladies, to a series of cold gray rainy days..ugh!

News of the Moment
Jeez. I've been hearing a bit about how the administration is hellbent on an Iraq Attack. What bugs me most is how this is barely making a ripple in the public news, how even NPR is reporting it not in terms of "is this a good idea" but "when's the best time", and whether we can muster up enough regional support.

I started a thread on this in alt.fan.cecil-adams. It's been coming up with a few interesting opinions.

Also, you should check out a well-researched article on Saddam Hussein from The Atlantic. The entire text is there online, though I don't know for how long. It's both oddly sympathetic while not backing down from looking at his incredibly brutal methods; basically, he's a smalltown, hometown-boy thug made good. (A decent summary plus an interview with the author is available from Antlantic Unbound.)

Quote of the Moment
Radio Shack: You've got questions. We've got cellphone plans.
On the other hand, they did have the little doohickey I need to hook up my Atari 2600 to a coax-only television...