May 18, 2002
Quote and Image of the Moment
"If I want to think about having sex with 87 peacocks I can and it's not a crime, but in reality they might not be up for it, you know!"
Bjork in "The Guardian", June 2 1995
...you know, judging by her well-publicized swan dress, I would believe that she's thought about having sex with 87 peacocks.

Links of the Moment
With the release of the new movie, Star Wars (especially the original trilogy) seems to be on many people's minds these days. Here's an interesting piece on The Case for the Empire, the idea that maybe our concept of the good guys and bad guys in those films is mixed up...a bit tongue in cheek, but thought provoking. This slashdot article really tries to bring that home, with the Death Star as the WTC...there are enough parallels to make you think. Finally, in a vein similar to the previously link Star Wars Technical Commentaries (so watch out, Bill) it's pretty much the ultimate Star Wars vs Star Trek site, answering that age old geek question, who would win, the Empire or the Federation. (Short answer: the Empire, easily.) This site is ridiculously deeply researched for both sides, though a bit biased (both in favor of Star Wars over Trek and the Empire over the Rebel Alliance). I suspect fanboys who are into this argument kind of assume that the sci-fi universe with the most powerful technology is somehow better over all, which is silly.

He raises one especially interesting point, since Trekkies love to point out possible wartime uses of the Transporter, he claims that the Empire has rejected such technology for living creatures as a form of destruction plus distance cloning, with no regard for the continuity of life force (The Force?) of the being that is transported...a nice play on an old philosophical thought experiment.