sent in the clones

May 19, 2002
Saw Episode 2 yesterday...pretty good! It didn't have a lot of the big spaceship battles that I love in the original trilogy, but some pretty amazing ground combat. I'm sure the links I posted yesterday influenced my perception of the new movie to a high degree.

Link of the Moment
The Indie Game Jam (sponsored in part by Intel, interestingly) is pretty cool, though they don't have available downloads yet. They realized that a modern system can display tens of thousands of old school, DOOM-style sprites without breaking a sweat, so they got a bunch of programmers in one place, gave them a basic game engine, and over a long 4-day weekend let them go at. Looks like they came up with some pretty cool concepts. I've always liked games that used the "huge hoards of bad guys" fact, that was part of what I liked about some of the best Star Wars battles, the total chaos onscreen...

Quote of the Moment
Damn everything but the circus.