May 20, 2002
Mascots of the Moment
The Mighty Midols and their fight against "Monsteruation" are about the most random corporate animated spokespeople I've seen in a while. They have they're own little minicartoon and game (actually I dig the little thumping beat they play in the introscreen to the game itself...)

Star Wars Link of the Moment
Trying to meet my insatiable appetite for more, More, MORE! about the Star Wars universe, the official online Star Wars Databank is pretty cool, covering characters, locations, vehicles, and all of that. It has three views of its various entries: what you learn from the films, what's "known" from the "expanded universe" (comics, novels, games, etc) and then a "behind the scenes" view of the Industrial Lights and Magic design.

Quote of the Moment
"Don't take life too seriously; you'll never get out of it alive."
--Bugs Bunny