not just in the alanis sense of the word

June 20, 2002
Man, I have weird food issues. I've had to tell Mo to stop bringing interesting pre-prepared food home for me from Bread & Circus. I don't need it like I did when I was unemployed and had a tendency to seek out random fastfood crap for lunch...but I'm tempted by it in the evening, when I'd kind of prefer not to eat. But I just get really curious about what its taste and texture, or maybe it's just another form of procrastination (it would be more fun to be eating than do whatever I need to be doing) and then I want to eat it just so I won't be thinking about it so much.

I'm trying to cut back in general, but it's not been as effective as some previous times at the outset, maybe my metabolism is changing. I'm having a nice chicken kabob salad for lunch, but either my weight's very stable right here, or the small snacks I have in the evening are killing me (usually I don't have an evening meal.)

Link of the Moment
Let's play spot the irony! (via camworld)

Quote of the Moment
"If I ever get the chance, I have a couple of questions I want to ask God, and it's not the usual 'Why is there suffering?' I'd like to know what the biggest, grossest bug that ever crawled on anyone, but they didn't notice, and then it crawled away."
--Julia Sweeney