summertime summertime sumsumsummertime

June 21, 2002
It's summertime!

Though I still think the seasons are shifted about a month from where they should be. (All of) June, July, and August seem to be the summer months, with September marking the shift into Autumn. I dunno.

Link of the Moment
You probably know MapQuest, right? Did you know it could do this? (That's where I work.) Aerial views! Not total coverage of the United States, but it seems to be good for most metroplitan areas. (The basic idea has been around before, that one MIT link I keep losing, and Microsot's TerraServer has a cool list of famous places, but none of them have an interface as slick as this.)

I find it a little spooky, but mostly weirdly nostalgic. Here's where I went to high school! Here's where I lost my virginity! Here's where I saw the Staute of Libery!

Quote of the Moment
I always give homeless people money, and my friends yell at me, "He's only going to buy more alcohol and cigarettes." And I'm thinking, "Oh, and like I wasn't?"