they call it mellow yellow

July 8, 2002
Did anyone in the northeast notice how yellow the sunlight was yesterday? (And also this morning, but not quite as severely...look for areas of alternating light and shadow to see it well.) I think it must have been the wildfires in Quebec, which haven't gotten much attention here besides this.

Quote of the Moment
"That's one of the tragedies of this life - that the men who are most in need of a beating up are always enormous."
--John D. Hackensacker III, The Palm Beach Story

Link of the Moment
Perhaps this website has ESP! Be sure to read the "Explanation of ESP Results" which is feedback people have sent in...people are so gullible! Go try it, and if you can't figure it out, here are some hints (highlight the following text to read it):
Hint 1: does the trick work if you pick 2 cards?
And if you're still stumped...
Hint 2: perhaps all of the original cardset is gone...