dispatch master transport

July 9, 2002
Link of the 'Mo'ment
In honor of our one year anniversary, Mo and I finally got around to compiling all the mishaps and near disasters of our wedding, which is this month's Loveblender Feature. And that leads to the title for today's entry, it's...well, see, there's this roller coaster at Cedar Point in Ohio called "Disaster Transport", and they have this sign, see, pretending that it used to say "Dispatch Master Transport" but it looks like the first part of "Dis" of "Dispatch" and everything but the M of "Master" have fallen together, and that's the name of the coaster, get it? Oh, never mind.

Quote of the Moment
"Love is a feeling you feel when you're about to feel a feeling you never felt before."
--Flip Wilson

Politics of the Moment
CamWorld had two interesting articles yesterday...one was the National Post (of Canada) thinking that Dubya may be losing the benefit of the doubt. I think people will have to come to terms with the idea that ultimately, he is not a very good president, and having to lead through trying times is not a guarantee of greatness. There was also an Economist piece on a study by Arab cultures on why the Arab world is generally lagging.

I've been thinking that it's time to admit some cultures are broken, and this admission might permit some unpleasant things that we have to. The American culture is certainly broken, we're incredibly full of ourselves and want to dictate policy to the rest of the world. Arab culture is broken in many ways, including some that are dangerous to the rest of the world, and unfortunately I think that's going to justify some level of discrimination against members of it. If I had to guess I'd say the Europeans have it the least broken, but I'm not sure.