diet: die with a t

Quote of the Moment
Moreover, and perhaps more importantly: I hate people on diets. They're insufferable, self-righteous and invariably cranky.
It's been in my backlog since just before September 11, I must've been dieting around then. Probably let myself go a wee bit over the holidays, more or less maintained since then, but now I'm on my way back down again.

Links of the Moment
Funny that on my guetbook there's a small dialog on the Atkins diet...there was a New York Times article on anti-Atkins-Diet, pro-low-fat bias in the scientific community, linked to from this Slashdot article. Someone followed up my post about how super low calorie diets like have been found to severely decrease the effect of aging in so many animals, up to and including monkeys with a link to a place full of humans who are trying the same thing. I wonder how low is low. Right now I've managed to be pretty happy with optional piece of fruit for breakfast, large salad with a bunch of grilled chicken on it for lunch, and then some kind of "boca" product (meatless italian sausage or burger) in the evening, and not much beyond that.

I've kind of told myself that right now I'm just dieting, and that I don't have to consider any lifestyle changes until I'm 30. And talked more with some doctor types.

Of course, this kind of thinking, along with things like cryogenics, (maybe even having kids!) is a really optimistic view of the future...sometime I feel that optimistic, sometimes not.