who's yo daddy

July 27, 2002
Movie of the Moment
From the Brunching Shuttlecocks: Leia and Vader: The Untold Story. It's weird how evocative that fade cut can be, even with stupid little action figures (I had forgotten how muscle-y the new action figures are, they make my old ones look pretty skinny and anemic.) Made me go out and get that Alanis cd...I feel it's a little brave to admit liking Alanis, but she has some really interesting lyrics. Of course, if you think too much about the relationships between the characters portrayed in the video, it's pretty icky.

Quote of the Moment
"You know what my favorite TV show is? Xena, Warrior Princess. They should just call it the Patton Oswalt Masturbation Hour. Big moon-faced amazon with a stick, beating people up--what god did I please?"
--Patton Oswalt