major miner news

July 28, 2002
Wow, they got all nine miners out! I have to say I wasn't optimistic about it. The article mentions how last night around quarter past ten they lowered a phone to them...wish I could see a transcript of that call. Pretty sure it wasn't "Can you hear me now? ... Good." (Followup: I think the actual quote from the trapped minors was "There's nine men ready to get the hell out of here. We need some chew.")

Links of the Moment
The other day slashdot had an article about a man who built his kids a BattleMech Treehouse. There was also a less successful attempt to build a fullsize Millennium Falcon as well as an Ebay Auction for a Rebel Blockade Runner (the ship Princess Leia and the droids are on at the start of the original Star Wars movie.) The cool thing about that last construction is that it's "to scale" for the action figures...and it's huge, as you can see below. A reminder of how gigantic the Star Destroyer that engulfs it at the beginning of the first movie is meant to be. (I mentioned it a few months ago, but that Star Wars Databank is awfully cool, especially the "Expanded Universe" and "Behind the Scenes" sections.)

Quote of the Moment
"Dating is dumb. Basically you're making false judgements based on false exteriors. Oh, sure, my superficial self likes your superficial self, but the real me likes your roommate."
--Margaret Black