more powerful than a (small) locomotive

August 4, 2002
Prose of the Moment
Superhero stands arms akimbo. Below him the city is a neon sprawl. He aches. Too many arch-villains battled, too many last minute rescues. Thanks to certain fictional characters the world expects superhero to be invulnerable. But he's not. Superpowers are wear and tear on a body- the knees and back especially. And such bad karma- encountering all that evil and having all that power. You don't think evildoers try to make sweet sounding deals? As if superpowers and good intentions automatically came bundled with super morals. But now the city sleeps safely, and superhero calls it a day.
--1997.06.10. I was reading through some of KHftCEA, the quote journal precursor to this blog, when it hit me that I haven't been writing the odd little prose snippets that I used to. So if you see more of those on this page, that's why.

Quote of the Moment
"It sometimes seems to me that the brain is actually a very shitty computer. So why would you want to build a computer out of slimy, wet, broken, slow, hungry, tired neurons?"
--Slashdot interview with Richard Wallace, an AI-researcher who invented the chatbot A.L.I.C.E.. Actually, his answers read kind of like a chatbot script, often wholly unconnected to the questions that were asked by Slashdot. He also brought up the interesting point, "No one has proved that our intelligence is a successful adaption, over the long term. It remains to be seen if the human brain is powerful enough to solve the problems it has created."