August 5, 2002
Another month, another loveblender...

Link of the Moment
The last pre-9-11 entry from my backlog: laughlab, an effort to scientifically find the funniest joke. The link was iffy for a while, which is probably why it sat around for so long. At least it's a chance to read some jokes

Question and Answer of the Moment
Were you squeamish when you were a kid or did you like things that were bizarre and creepy?
Well, I really liked insects as a kid, so where I came from that immediately meant that you were weird. But I thought that was ridiculous because insects are amazing. I mean, people want to go to other planets to see alien life forms and we've got them right here. They're incredible.
--from a 1997 Salon interview with David Cronenberg, director of "The Fly" and "Crash". It's a good point...applies to sealife like lobsters and crabs too.