August 21, 2002
Usenet Funny of the Moment
Subject: Re: Cow Tipping on "Whaddya Know"
From: Deborah Stevenson
Newsgroups: alt.folklore.urban (via

Brett Buck writes:
We talked/tricked someone into trying it one time* (in the vein of a snipe hunt, but he took it seriously, and we wanted to do some research, so..), and he was a pretty big guy. He walked up to it, gave it a shove, and it swayed a little bit and just stayed upright. Then he got back and took a run at it, and pretty much just bounced off. Then it woke up, looked vaguely disoriented, and went back to sleep. Then he grabbed one of it's legs, picked it up, and pulled on it, and over it went. Then it woke up, looked vaguely disoriented, stood up, noticed us, and "ran away" (about 100 feet). Cows are stupid.
I'd say they appear the intellectual victors in this particular context.

Link of the Moment
I had the hardest time finding the new remix of Elvis' "A Little Less Conversation" on CD (hopefully, fourth time is the charm on but online, Lycos has got me covered. It has the video as well, which is excellent, a lot of fun to watch.

It's kind of cool how this remix put Elvis over the Beatles for #1 singles in England...I guess the Fab Four's only chance is a hit from one of those reunion CDs.