read you like a book

August 22, 2002
The other day I was publicly pondering changing the name of the blog to "of the moment" or some such. Around the same time, I was thinking about the strict daily update schedule I follow, as opposed to the more typical "whenever the blogger find something cool" pattern. Only yesterday did the small irony of those two ideas hit me.

I wonder if I should switch to a more frequent update pattern? I dunno. Not sure if I want to reveal quite so much about my surfing habits...

Article of the Moment
Best science link I've seen in a long while: The Naked Face, a reprint of a New Yorker article. The amount of information we send through our faces (both voluntarily and involuntarily) is astounding. Not only that, but evidence suggests facial expressions generate emotions, it's a two way street. By approaching the problem from an anatomical angle, these guys have made great strides...and what they've learned might well be useful in counter-terrorism and other law-enforcement activities. I wish I was better at that kind of thing!

Many of the author's other articles seem worth a read through as well.

Game of the Moment
Brunching Shuttlecocks had a cool little puzzle game, Roshambo Run Only 6 levels, the final 3 being the only challenging ones. You control one of those tiny "Nun-zilla" dolls through the land of rock, paper, scissors (and muffins and coffee.)

Line of the Moment
"Men always say the most important thing in a woman is a sense of humor. You know what that means? He's looking for someone to laugh at his jokes."
--Sheila Wenz