September 13, 2002
Pet peeve: when people link to an article on a site, they often feel a need to link to the main page of the site. This is stupid, making it difficult to see what is the main link of the Blog entry. Almost any site worth linking to will provide a link to its own frontpage as part of its standard article template (and it's generally trivial to figure out the frontpage URL even if it's not displayed.) Slashdot articles do this all the time. If the main site's URL is obscure enough that its worthwhile to display, sometimes I'll show it, but not make it a link.

Passage of the Moment
[The family] sat around the kitchen table eating fish sticks and hash browns, and their dog Rex walked in and said, "I wish you people knew what you smell like to me. I think you'd find it informative."
--Garrison Keillor, "Lake Wobegon Summer 1956.

Political Point of the Moment
Rarely is the question asked: "Is our presidents learning?"

Backlog Link of the Moment
Ever want to build your own chatbot? Now you can. Not sure if I can think of a worthwhile reason to spend the programming effort, but it's an interesting idea.