go go dancer, your life is calling

September 14, 2002
Heh...Love Blender is the fifth hit for a Google search for 'blender'...that's pretty good placement given how it's the name of a major applicance.

Flash Toy of the Moment
I had been carrying around a defunct URL for a "Flashy Dancer" animation for years (literally, since 1998) and now I've found its new home. I can't link right to it, but go to the GlobZ flash site, click on the green box on the left (with Pacman on it), and then it is the first link listed. Fun to customize, especially the torsos.

Dream Quote of the Moment
Despite their rather glossy coats, monkeys make poor mirrors.
I awoke this morning with this line in my head.
I suppose it is true, if a bit strange.

News Link of the Moment
(Not a link for animal lovers...) I guess the roadworkers thought the poor deceased badger really had become one with the road.