take my baby out for a spin

October 1, 2002
You know, I don't feel that some what stressful things like going on an airplane and what not get under my skin, but I always feel my anxiety about other things rising during those times...some kind of weird sublimation?

Patent of the Moment
Once upon a time, George and Charlotte Blonsky saw that some types of elephant spin while giving birth to assist with the delivery, and thought they could build a machine to do the same for humans. Despite the irresistible image of a baby being flung at 7G's (based on a spin speed of 82.3 RPM) the device actually uses a net, which contains a trigger which would stop the ride once the baby is out. Phew! For this, they won a posthumous Ig® Nobel prize.

Music of the Spheres
Boobs make sounds. This is perhaps more of a poetic thing that one develops as time goes on. I don't even know if it's a real sound; it's more of a metaphysical sound, I suppose. Different tits, the way they move, they make these different sounds that are just totally exotic. Maybe it's a total fantasy, but I swear I hear it. Some days, I have to use a Sony Walkman out there, it gets so bad. Especially in the springtime.
--Robert Rakita, quoted in The Modern Man's Guide To Life. I post it here in honor of the 80-degree start to the month we should be having today.

Link of the Moment
Tinyapps.org has small apps for windows (in the sense of each being able to fit on to a 3.5 floppy, not in the sense of the previously posted tiny games for Windows.) Favorites of mine like Irfanview and PuTTY are here. It's interesting to compare these gems to the 4meg mousedriver I was loading the other month...