sympathy for the devils

October 2, 2002
Business Link of the Moment
The other day I went to a Harvard Business School Alum Seminar (Lena recently got her MBA there, so I was her guest.) on networking (the human kind, not the online type.) It was focused on how to work one of those networking events, and I don't get to go to many of those, but still, there were some ok tips. Anyway, the leader mentioned this article on the Rolling Stones in Fortune magazine, about what incredible business men they are. (Especially in terms of how they've used connections in the past.)

Ah well. I've often said that "Selling out is the new integrity."

Geek Link of the Moment
Ahh, the dulcet tones of the IBM 1403 Printer. Actually, it's kind of amusing; back in 1964 they figured out what characters to print to get what notes, and recorded some songs. A great hack, I love abuses of technology like that.

Quote of the Moment
"It is a wondrous human characteristic to be able to slip into and out of idiocy many times a day without noticing the change or killing innocent bystanders in the process"
--Scott Adams, The Dilbert Principle .