Got home earlyish last night. Still it felt like I had no time, 'cause it was dark so early. My body must have thought it was later than it was. Dang it all to heck. I have to switch into my "life goes on at night mode". It's not always easy.

Editorial of the Moment
A clear view of how distorted our view of Iraq is. The USA bombs, the public doesn't even notice. Those "no fly zones" are basically just made up. Gah, we suck.

Good Carma
When I drive into Salem each morning, about 1/3 to 1/2 of my time is spent in Salem on this long main street. I actually appreciate the ability to do little favors for drivers who are trying to cross the street or merge into traffic, because it's a non-zero-sum game. By waving them in, I'm adding at most a tiny tiny bit to my drivetime (and usually not even that) but most of the other drivers in my lane don't seem to be as generous, so the person trying to move could have been stuck there for a long while. So I get to collect the good karma of all the little waves and what-not.

Quick Link of the Moment
Worth a quick glance, the homepage of a Lego guru.

Theology of the Moment
"Is there a God?"
"There is, but we don't know where. Or who. And, indeed, why."
The Onion's AV Club and William Shatner
From a page of asking a lot of famous and semi-famous people "Is There A God?"

Article of the Moment
There was a big Slashdot discussion on the Fortune Magazine article Generation Wrecked. Fun to try to figure out where you fit on this bellcurve. For Mo and I (who are at the tail end of the age range) I think it's firmly on the righthand side, far from the people who are struggling and/or broke, but we never did wander into the "retire in my 30s" territory that some people were able to find in the dot com boom.

Religion of the Moment
Wow. I had close to a religious experience watching the Earth recede from Monday's Space Shuttle Cam footage when "Endless Column" on the Blue Man Group CD came on. Terrific, melancholy but hopeful intstrumental. It's almost enough to make me forget that the shuttle is such crappy 1970s technology.