t.g.i.almost the damn weekend already

October 11, 2002
Geek Quote of the Moment
"I like Java because you can tell generally tell what a program does by look at it. They run an obfuscated-C competition every year, with some amazing results. They don't even bother running an obfuscated-C++ competition..."
--Josh Bloch (paraphrased slightly), author of Efective Java, who spoke at last night's New England Java Users Group meeting.

Your Brain Is Lazy
The square labeled 'A' and the one labeled 'B' are literally the exact same shade of grey. Honest. See it fullsize and then play with some perception toys that are cool but play like a third rate magic show.

Wacky News of the Moment
Zookeepers Fired for Eating Animals. Hee hee hee. "And this is the Tibetan Mountain Chicken. Note the beautiful plumage and generally friendly demeanor. It is also quite delicious."