prints of tides

Small Irony of the Moment
Mo just bought a book called The Simplicity Reader. It's 872 pages.

View and Software of the Moment
This is the view outside my shared office workspace. It's a lot better than the view I had weeks ago, which was a white cement wall with a small window overlooking a big strip of asphault and the next building over. Because of this terrific view, and the way you can see how the waterline moves against Salem's wharf, I've become a bit obsessed with the tides. So far the coolest thing I've found for that is Tide Tool for the PalmPilot. It provides a table with the day's high and low tides, as well as a cool colorful graph. Databases for tons of different locations come included with it, and it also tracks the phase of the moon and sunrise/sunset times as well.

Quote of the Moment
That smugness I saved from the nineties- where did I put it?
Man to Woman in cartoon by Mueller

Quote of Another Moment
A mind is a terrible thing to ugg.. I forgot..