new yorkers do not wear white

October 21, 2002
Link of the Moment
A blog entry with tips for visitors to NYC. Dang, but I miss my mom's apartment there. On the other hand maybe I'm just as happy she wasn't there during the tragedy.

Quote of the Moment
As a girl who has been on the flip side of [the men vs women in IT] ratio, I can tell you it's not much better for us. As we liked to say when I was in school: 'The odds are good, but the goods are odd.'.
Jeandre quoting someone on Slashdot

Small Gif Cinema of the Moment

--A tiny movie of the view outside my shared office space. Thanks to Ranjit who helped me put the fullsize 2 days-and-nights version into RealMedia format. The chair in the first part and the white and blue lights at night are reflections on the glass.

2019 UPDATE: here is the video:

I often think about the breathing-like appearance of it. I was fortunate to get a day with such nice clouds.