lured by the ring

November 15, 2002
I know I've mentioned this before, but dang, my sense of space gets so messed up when I switch my wedding ring to my other finger, because my left ring finger gets a little sore. I'm not kidding, it makes me feel a little dizzy, and typing and driving are both very weird. I guess normally these days I no longer have a difference telling left from right because that ring acts as a little orienting device...I don't just learn to turn right when walking down a hallway at work, I myst be learning to turn towards my ring finger, so having that switched is disconcerting.

News of the Moment
Dang it. THe FBIs warning of "spectacular" attacks. Just when I was thinking that maybe we managed to cut the bad guys down to mostly the rinky dink stuff, and that maybe there was room for the economy to make a soggy recovery.

On the other hand, this particular warning might be overplayed by the media. Not that the situation is good, but the FBI seems to be talking a bit more in the medium/long term than right now, and points out "However, target vulnerability and likelihood of success may be as important to a weakened al Qaeda as the target's prominence."

I wonder about that increase in "chatter" they always warn about, which they say kinda sorta anticipated 9/11 as well. Is it an increase in seemingly idle chitchat among the things they're monitoring? Is it all so carefully veiled and code-worded that there's something there, we just can't tell what?

I wouldn't be surprised at a spike in attacks of some level or other if we move on Iraq. Which of course will be taken as a sign by the administration that they're on the right track, "proving" a formal link between Iraq and these groups, when really it might just be a general anti-US in the Middle East statement. Of course at this point those guys would attack anyway.

Art Link of the Moment
Malta in the early 1300s:

Japanese Pop Culture Link of the Moment
Bill the Splut thinks Japanese people may be insane. He may be right, but can we really respect the opinion of a guy whose nickname is "Splut"?

Quote of the Moment
I'm not afraid of death; but dying scares the hell out of me.
Jack Cleary.
I definitely understand what he's saying, but it's almost a paradox; you might not have the fear, but you might still have the metafear. I guess FDR said it first.

Sex of the Moment
Gentle condemnation of the book "The Joy of Sex" (coming up on its 30th birthday, and one book I've always credited about giving me a clue about this whole sex thing back in the day) in this Salon article.