i'm forever bursting bubbles

November 16, 2002
Game of the Moment
Bubbles. Sinisterly simple gameplay...how many bubbles can you pop, net? I realize it's tough because only the tip of your mouse counts in terms of popping power. The main site, TomAndPhil had some interesting links. I also liked the concept behind Scrollbar Racing.

Comics of the Moment
Alan Moore, one of the true greats of comicdom, wrote a long proposal for DC (home of Superman, Batman, etc) for a series called Twilight of the Superheroes. A kind of Ragnarok for the godlike superheros, it portrayed an alternate future where the world was divided into clans; the House of Steel for Superman and his brood, the House of Thunder for Captain Marvel's family, the House of Mystery (a grouping of the magic based characters) etc. I found it a terrific read, but I always have liked descriptions of comic story arcs almost as much as the comics themselves (and sometimes more.) Still, given the male gigolo and the BDSM themed event that the plot hinges on, I guess I'm not too surprised it didn't get made. If you're interested but don't want to read the whole thing (it is pretty big), check out this page that contains some background and summary info, although I think the guy was drunk when he came up with his site structure.

Joke of the Moment
A physicist, a biologist and a mathematician are standing outside a building. They watch one person walk in, and two people walk out.

The physicist says: "The law of conservation of mass holds, after accounting for experimental error."

The biologist says: "Apparently they're breeding."

The mathematician says: "If one more person enters the building, it will be empty!"
Geek humor has its moments.