metroid metroid metroid

November 24, 2002
Today's entry will be pretty minimal, except for this giant honking graphic, 'cause Peterman and I are in the midst of working our way through Metroid Prime, a brilliant 3D update to an old school Ninentdo classic. This here is the hero of the game, Samus Aran.

Kirk History Flush of the Moment
My earliest Usenet posts, I liked the idea of signature files, or actually snappy original one liners added to the end of messages. Here are some I found when Google opened up its Usenet Archive:
"My life: it's not a job, it's an adventure. If it were a job I'd want to be paid better."
"Quote?? We doan' *need* no steenkin' quote!"
"Jeez, we've been crawling through this desert for days! Take it easy on that water, man! There's no telling how long we're gonna need it, and you're going through it like it was- oh, never mind."
"I'd rather be rich than stupid."
"There's no situation so bad that it can't get better."
"But it won't."
"It never rains but it pours."
"Now what the hell is *that* supposed to mean?"
"hello world. it's 5:00 am, the sun is rising, birds are singing, and i am hating spanish 2 with a hate that would shake the foundations of the earth."

Quote of the Moment
"Amatuers discuss Tactics, Professionals discuss Logistics"