back from the land of cleves

So I got back from Cleveland and my ten year reunion pretty much intact. It was great seeing people.

Hey Rosser-man, drop me a line, wouldya? Your sister mentioned that you like this site, and I see you have a link to it. Sounds like an interesting time you're having...and you beat my SAT score, you little brat. (Doesn't matter, in a few years they'll be scoring out of 2400 instead of 1600, and we'll all sound like a bunch of morons to the kids..."no, really, sonny...that was a good score back then!" "yeah, right, gramps".)

Speaking of Ross's sister, Marnie...she and I dated in high school, and a bit beyond. And one of the games you play at reunions is, if there's an old romantic interest present who is there with their current spouse or S.O., you're likely to kind of stack yourself against that person. Probably not the healthiest game to play, but it's pretty much inevitable. So not only is Marnie's husband a very sweet seeming guy, and one who lived up to the shorthand description "short but built" that Marnie once used (given that Marnie makes Mo look tall, that isn't at all a bad thing)...he's a friggin' Cancer Researcher at the Cleveland Clinic! GAH! Whatamatter, she couldn't find an astronaut-novelist who runs orphanages and rescues puppies at risk and finds a cure for AIDS on the side?

Quote of the Moment
There are answers in this book that I wish there weren't questions for.

Disgustingly Cuteness of the Moment
You know, I used to get irritated by this one small elmo doll some of the women in Tufts Wind Ensemble promoted as a mascot...especially when he started getting credited as a musician in the prgorams. Dang it, until we could hear him play, he shouldn't have gotten credit. Plus the thing's pupils got rubbed off, so for the longest time it had the creepiest blank stare, until they fixed it with a black Sharpie. But I have to admit... this game/video is about the cutest thing I've seen so far this month. I dunno why they were talking about in during a promo for some Cleveland shock jocks.