your lucky number

December 13, 2002
We had dinner with Brooke and her new boyfriend Brad last night. Somehow the topic of 'number of past lovers' came up. Brooke wasn't wanting to admit the number in front of her new beau, having just had a "stuff SOs don't really need to know about each other"/TMI conversation with Brad.
Mo: Come on, you can tell me, I won't say.
Brooke: Well, ok. [Whispers in Mo's Ear]
Mo: Oh, that's not such a bad number! ......Unlucky, maybe...
Brooke/Brad/Kirk: [Laugh]
Mo: Oops.

Science of the Moment
Huh...boy monkeys like "boys' toys" and girl monkeys like "girls' toys". It seems to indicate that some gender things assumed to be cultural constructs might be innate, at least on some levels.

Doodles of the Moment
Mo thinks the heart snowman that I made for a Gala's Winter Holiday Poem Contest on the loveblender is cute. I like making these little heart guys, like I did for Halloween. I'm not electronic doodling reason I'd like to get a new Palm is because the 320x320 screens allow for much better doodles than I can do on my current model.

Geek Link of the Moment
Web Design Feng Shui has some good ideas and some goofy ones, but the ratio is better than I would have guessed.

Quote of the Moment
"The problem cannot be truly understood until the solution exists."
--Robert C. Martin on the OTUG (Object Technologies User Group) mailing list. Via an interesting book I'm reading now, Clouds to Code, the in-depth story of a real life software project. One of the author Jesse Liberty's rallying cries is for dramatically smaller teams than are generally employed.