georgia on my mind

December 14, 2002
Bad News of the Moment
Pro-Life, Anti-Choicers legislators in Georgia have come up with a scary new tactic. They put forth a bill where a woman seeking an abortion would be forced to get a "death warrant", after which a guardian for the fetus would be appointed. The guardian would be authorized to seek a jury trial before the "execution" was permitted.

Yikes. It's such an irritating tactic...ingenious and disingenuous at the same time. It's not like Georgia doesn't have laws against killing people. They're trying to do an end run around the central debate, which is and has always been "does the fetus count as a person?", by pretending that it's obvious that the answer to that is yes, but the law was lacking in some other way.

Homebody Geekiness of the Moment
Ranjit knitted this Moebius Strip. It's practice for this Moebius Scarf project that he might do in the future. (Wondering what's a Moebius Strip?) And the thing is, he didn't just make a small scarf and connect the ends with a half twist, that would be too easy. He says it's "basically like building a spiral staircase on a circular foundation, except in this case the foundation has only one side so the staircase grows in both directions--- kind of breaks my brain thinking about it."

Kirk's Geekiness of the Moment
Human Beatbox -- I AM NOT ALONE. Includes tutorials. I think it sounds a lot better when you use a microphone...