keys please

December 24, 2002
So Mo found my keys which has been missing since mid-Sunday or so. I swear I did check my car...but what kind of dork would leave them hanging out of the lock of the trunk for 2 days straight?

Game of the Moment
About the oddest 'educational' game I've ever seen, it's Journey to Planet Prostate. Guide this little fella, Sammy Sperm, through 5 levels, from Arousal Nebula to Planet Prostate. All I can think of was my old chemistry teacher's old joke, "there is a Vas Deferens between men and women".

Grumble of the Moment
I swear I installed my holiday header before memepool did.

Quote of the Moment
"The Tedium Is The Message"
--A sticker I've seen, from, though their current facorite slogan seems to be "Please Don't Start World War III".