ho ho holy cow

December 25, 2002
Whoo, the twentyfifth already? I'm all confused because I had one my family's main gift exchange on the 15th or so, anyway, Merry Christmas y'all.

Quote of the Holiday
You are born in pain; you live in fear; you die alone: Merry Christmas.
--Old Scottish Christmas greeting.

Game of the Holiday
It's Sober Santa! Or, not-so-sober-Santa, as the game goes on. Kind of an interesting game, like a "what it's like to be drunk" simulator.

Link of the Moment
Heh...some young guy has written a virtual suck tour of Arlington, MA, where Mo and I used to live. Three sections: landmarks, bylaws, and excerpts and commentary from the police ledger. He writes some funny stuff, actually, I had forgotten how odd that place could be.

Comic Monologue and Link of the Moment
Cold Chicken!
It's the little pleasures that mean most in life.
--Arlo (of Arlo and Janis) as he makes a discovery in the fridge, and then plunks down in front of the tube. Make sure to click that link! ...right now it has a lot of annotated strips as Jimmy Johnson's "Christmas Gift" to his readers.