ho ho holy cow

Whoo, the twentyfifth already? I'm all confused because I had one my family's main gift exchange on the 15th or so, anyway, Merry Christmas y'all.

Quote of the Holiday
You are born in pain; you live in fear; you die alone: Merry Christmas.
Old Scottish Christmas greeting.

Game of the Holiday
It's Sober Santa! Or, not-so-sober-Santa, as the game goes on. Kind of an interesting game, like a "what it's like to be drunk" simulator.

Link of the Moment
Heh...some young guy has written a virtual suck tour of Arlington, MA, where Mo and I used to live. Three sections: landmarks, bylaws, and excerpts and commentary from the police ledger. He writes some funny stuff, actually, I had forgotten how odd that place could be.

Comic Monologue and Link of the Moment
Cold Chicken!
It's the little pleasures that mean most in life.
Make sure to click that link! ...right now it has a lot of annotated strips as Jimmy Johnson's "Christmas Gift" to his readers.