backlog flush #12

December 29, 2002
I have to sort of apologize for yesterday's entry, it's an overdone gag. There was actually a glitch in my publishing system, and it came up with a blank entry, with no whitespace. I added a bit of space, and liked the result. Plus I preoccupied with my latest gaming obsession, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It's very addictive and time consuming...not addictive in a Tetris way, but in the "do well and I'll show you something new and cool" sense. It's about the most fun and pseudo-realistic driving game I've ever played. And amazing music from the 1980s! 99 Luftballons, Sunglasses at Night, Michael Jackson, Run DMC, a ton of others. (In fact, they've released the soundtrack as a set of 7 CDs.)

It also has the main character performing some outrageously antisocial behaviors, with an astonishingly small regard for (virtual) innocent life...for instance, you pretty much only hear that great soundtrack in autos that you've carjacked...ah well.

So to make up for yesterday's indulgence (though I did find the blank space on the page a bit refreshing) here's a backlog flush with tons of stuff. Now with such a big entry under my belt, I can go blow the whole day on Vice City and still feel vaguely productive! Haha!