sing sloppy and have a good beat

December 30, 2002
Ugh, back to work for me today! Nose, meet grindstone.

You know, I realize that to a certain degree, I have to fight thinking of my unemployed friends the same way as other people think of people who are HIV+...they know it's not really contageous, but still. Or maybe it's just a similar not wanting to get involved with unhappy situations, once you've done what you can. Which is a very unsupportive way to be, so I'll try to work may way through this attitude.

Quote of the Moment
Nowadays people don't want you to sing good. They want you to sing sloppy and have a good beat to your songs. That's what angle I'm going to shoot for. That's where the money is. So just in case about three or four months from now you might hear a record by me which sounds terrible, don't feel ashamed, just wait until the money rolls in because every day people are singing worse and worse on purpose and the public buys more and more records.
--from a Jimi Hendrix letter to his father, 1965

News of the Moment
Boingboing, where I stole that less quote from, also linked to Harpo Marx, Underconver Agent. I guess he worked for J. Edgar Hoover to smuggle some documents out of the Soviet Union. I can just picture the Boris and Natasha like agent... "yes, ve have intercepted the wery waluable documents...they say 'honk, honk'...ze other, 'vant to buy a duck?'. I do not understand."