couch so comfortable

February 20, 2003
Why is the couch so much better to fall asleep on than a bed? Is it because a bed's generally just so flat?

Online Comic of the Moment
Something Positive is a pretty funny online comic. A bit raunchy (and sometimes rather evil, like the first cartoon) but good, it has some interesting character based stuff for being a gag-oriented comic. The thing is, it's really took me hours and hours to read through the year's worth of archive. So, as a service to you, my loyal reader, I have braved the whole year to bring you a select list of really good ones: 12-21-2001 (cultural!) / 01-08-2002 (raunchy) / 01-10-2002 (heh) / 01-14-2002 (not all that funny, but explains the cat) / 01-28-2002 / 02-18-2002 (good catchline) / 04-03-2002 / 04-24-2002 / 04-26-2002 / 05-15-2002 (the start of a good week...I don't know why I'm interested in the romances of comic characters) / 05-25-2002 / 06-15-2002 / 08-14-2002 / 09-02-2002 (raunch but one of the funniest) / 12-10-2002 (mmm, goths) / 12-14-2002 / 12-17-2002 / 01-21-2003 (where the illustration is from.)

Article of the Moment
Yesterday's talk about geekdom inspired a larger than average amount of traffic on the daily comments board (not that that's saying all that much, but hey) so I thought I'd go ahead and link to Paul Graham's Why Nerds Are Unpopular, a serious consideration into the social hierarchies of schools, and the people at the bottom. I think I didn't have it as rough as some, probably a C on the scale introduced in the first paragraph. I'm not sure if Graham gives enough consideration to a "multiple intelligences" point of view for nerdom; it's not just that we let other activities attract our time and attention away from the things that would have given us a better place in the social structure...maybe we just weren't very smart about those things in the first place.

Web Toy of the Moment
Thanks to the power of Flash, it's very easy to make your own Zen-a-riffic Insights.

Link of the Moment
Hrrmmm...SNOWFLAKES is a project to get people to adopt frozen embryos, like those made for fertility treatments. I'm kind of amused by the term "Snowflakes". I guess if you view life begining at conception, it's a reasonable program, otherwise, well, I guess you think that they put the "flakes" back into "snowflakes".