the plot thickens, or thins

March 8, 2003
Followup of the Moment
So the mystery photos of 8march2003 are...aeriel shots alleged to be a new sea going ship (labeled "Ark II") built way up in some moutains. I say alleged because they just look like blurs to me. And the mysterious faction would allow hiking so near their massive construction project? Anyway.

Moving Advice of the Moment
Good moving advice from the USPS. They really do think of everything.

Quote of the Moment
The indispensable first step to get the things you want from life is this: Decide what you want.
Ben Stein, via Ross, who says he got it from somewhere else as well.
It's good advice, though it doesn't mention how you have to be aware of the possible trade-offs. Most of us would like a lot of money, but fewer of us are really willing to bend our lives towards the most money making paths.

Pop Culture of the Moment
You know who's really scary? Ronald McDonald. Seriously, I don't mean this in a "hahaha, aren't the backstreet boys scary", but really...his clothing is really disturbingly colored, and if you look closely at one of those cutouts in the restaurant...I dunno, some relly sad guy in clown makeup. And then in the commercials, this guy has like virtually unlimited supernatural powers. Yikes! If I played D+D, I'd hate to run up against this guy in a campaign. I wonder who would win in a fight, him or Lucky from Lucky Charms?

Product of the Moment
Interesting, all-in-one PCs, where they stick the whole PC in a keyboard. Almost like an artifact from an alternate timeline, where Commodore 64 and those 8-bits' form factors became the dominant computer type.