the right stuff, more or less

March 9, 2003
Pop Culture Obscurity of the Moment
Man, years ago on daytime TV I saw this really random parody group, "Old Guys With New Socks", a parody of the hyperpopular "New Kids". Google only came up with two references, here's the best one (do a Ctrl-F find for "Old Guys", about half way down.) The passage had one sentence that says everything that is wrong with white man rap: "Careful study of MTV has taught them the proper poses for a rapper to cop; one photo features each with their arms crossed like Run-DMC".

Dialog of the Moment
"This is a lovely golf course, I'm tempted to join the club."
"I'm afraid you can't."
"You mean they discriminate against Scots?"
"No, they just don't want assholes in the clubhouse."
--Warthog and Bletch, in Meet the Feebles, which is kind of like the muppets gone very, very bad. Pretty much any conceivable puppet bodily fluid is represented there. It's by Peter Jackson who is now best known for doing the Lord of the Rings movies.

News of the Moment
"The stunned Paras from 16 Air Assault Brigade were forced to tell the Iraqis they were not firing at them, and ordered them back to their home country telling them it was too early to surrender."
--from this story. If only the whole thing was going to be this easy.