get yer bark on

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March 10, 2003
Folk Saying of the Moment
An eagle could land on his mustache.
saying in Iraq
In Iraq mustache thickness is believed to be directly proportional to masculinity, according to this article. "I swear upon my mustache"...heh. My dearly departed dad had a mustache, though I'm not sure if he felt quite that strongly about it.
March Monograph of the Moment
This month derives her pedigree from the Danish verb 'Whizz,' which means to blow, to wheeze, to snort, to pitch in endways, and crossways, to shake winder blinds, to smash barn doors, to skare pigs, to brake clothes lines, to make men sware, and wimmin balky. March iz principally immense for wind, but whare it all cums from, and whare it all goes to, are prize conumdrums which I kant untangle. Dogs kreated this month invariably have the bark on.
Josh Billings, "Old Probability", 1879.
Via my "How To Draw a Radish" daily calendar. That "have the bark on" seems very homeboy modern for being written in 1879...

News of the Moment
Iraq placing explosives at the Kirkuk oil fields. First off, I feel vageuly flattered by the name "Kirkuk". Second, why do I get the feeling President Junior is going to start talking about "Saddam's weapons of mass destruction against oil"?

"Won't somebody think of the oil? That poor, innocent, defenseless oil?"