putting the whisk into whiskers

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March 16, 2003
Videos of the Moment
Making the rounds: Hercubush explains the administration's need for oil.

I hate shaving too.

I like the idea of tensecondfilms, though there's something screwy with realmedia on my system. Also, they rudely ignored brooklyngirls's entry, I Was A Teenage Cartoon.

Cartoon of the Moment

Link of the Moment
This Ebay listing is very very odd.

Threat of the Moment
When the enemy starts a large-scale battle, he must realise that the battle between us will be open wherever there is sky, land and water in the entire world.
Well, he thought the last one would be the "Mother of All Battles", so there's at least some precedent for overblown rhetoric. Of course, the last Bush who attacked him didn't seem quite so intent on killing him, so who knows. Between this and mystery-pneumonia I kind of wish Mo and I didn't have to leave the house this week.