blue pill, red pill, whatever

Quote of the Moment
--You know what my first big problem with [the Matrix] was? Why use only humans as your energy source? Why didn't we see pods with elk, or some higher-metabolism life form that's easier to please, like puppy dogs? They wouldn't even need some fancy-pants simulated world; just give 'em a loop of chasing rabbits and having their bellies scratched and you've quelled all possible chance of rebellion!
Of course geeks love to point out that there's no way you would get more regular electricity from people than you'd need to feed and take care of them. On the other hand, this slashdot article about people who want to process turkey guts into high grade oil is something that's a lot more plausible...I could just see the evil robots squeezing humans for their juices, acne-ridden greasy geeks a specialty.

Link of the Moment
Mr. Wong's Soup'partments are an exercise in collaborative pixel design...very cool.