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--American Soldiers through the years, a Image of the Day, from a previous pro-war demonstration in Denver.

Spoken Word Lyrics of the Moment
If the Drum is a Woman
don't abuse your drum, don't abuse your drum,
don't abuse your drum
I know the night is full of displaced persons
I see skins striped with flames
I know the ugly dispositions of underpaid clerks
they constantly menstruate through the eyes
I know the bitterness embedded in flesh
the itching alone can drive you crazy
I know that this is America and the chickens are
coming home to roost on the
MX missile.

But if the Drum is a Woman
Why are you choking your drum
Why are you raping your drum
Why are you saying disrespectful things to
your mother drum, your sister drum, your wife
drum, your infant daughter drum
your Drum is a Woman
so don't reject your drum
don't try to dominate your drum
don't become weak and cold and desert your
don't be forced into the position
as an oppressor of drums
Jayne Cortez on Ubaka Hill's "ShapeShifters".
(Mo's mom wanted to know if we wanted this cool tall bongo, and I always love percussion, so we said yes. She also gave us some CDs, including this one, but most of the percussion on the CDs is just kind of loping rhythms that fills in all the spaces, not the cool reserved funk that I really like.) Anyway, I thought these lyrics were really-- uh-- something. It's even better when you hear it out loud.

Comments Board Feedback of the Moment
Today: I don't think a "pro-war" rally is as warmongering as you make out. Even if it's not just a "support our troops (and our president)" kind of event, I suspect that very very few people will say war is fun or good or their first option, but they might think it's the correct option in this case, given how we perceive our interests and Saddam's threat. I don't agree with that, but I don't mock people for showing up to support that tradition.
Wednesday: Eric, "pixel design" is just my term for that style (that Mr. Wong's Soup'partments are in) general, it's marked by use of a small amount of colors, and is often in a 3/4 perspective with a lot simple surfaces. Jason Mohr who did a lot of work on the old site used it there (click on Works, then or sissyfight under 2000.) Jason designed pixeltime, which inspired me to try doing more of that (scroll down past the 'photorealistic' stuff.) There are some other fun examples of the style at Flip Flop Flyin', especially the "minipops".
I'd say the style has some of its roots in video games, especially the NES and SNES era. I think MegaMan is a great example of it, and here are some previously posted MegaMan Kirk and MegaMan Mo images I made.
Sunday: Deevaa, drop me a line, maybe I can get you copies of those mixes.