ice ice baby

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An observation that's going to sound really stupid: I'm always surprised at how powerful ice cubes can be, at least when you use enough of them. Seriously, it's counterintuitive to me that I can pour hot coffee over ice and it's almost instantly made cool. I guess I've always thought of ice as something good for keeping an already cold drink cold, not for actualling making a qualitative change in the temperature of something.

Quote of the Moment
The mome rath isn't born that could outgrabe me!
I used to have that poem well-memorized, I should work to get it down pat again.

War Quote of the Moment
Everybody smile.
Colonel Chris Hughes
Colonel Hughes brilliantly managed to defuse a tense situation with Iraqi locals who were concerned we were going to invade a mosque. According to a guy on NPR, he ordered his men to go down on one knee, point their weapons down, and smile. It worked! If only more of a foreign policy took its cue from that kind of smart and humble tactic...