spring forward baby!

April 6, 2003
So all this week, I've done basically nothing in the evening but play through the new "Legend of Zelda" game, The Wind Waker, the one with the new cool cartoony style. Peterman, who got it for me for my birthday, asked if I was like that because it was such a compelling game or my borderline obsessive-compulsive disorder. Some of each.

It was fun to get through, but still, I think after the Grand Theft Auto series, this kind of game seems very linear, you're more or less guided from one puzzle to another, and once you've finished the story, there's not much to do, except for some of the sidequests you may have skipped...but GTA3, you go through a story overlayed on a rich world with a cool physics model, so there's always more to do. And the whole lawless morality free mayhem is kind of fun too.

Oh yeah--time to set your clocks forwards! Yay! Long evenings are here again!

Flash Toys of the Moment
Pull My Finger, Popping Clouds, Ikindemix, and some other Flash Toys from Rafael Rozendaal.

Ad of the Moment
Almost hypnotic real life Rube Goldberg contraption commercial from Honda of the UK; a slow download here, but worth it.