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April 8, 2003
Grrr. Sick of dragging my PS2 around I get a Wireless Ethernet Bridge. Works for like 5 minutes and now my Wireless Router is dead. All Linksys stuff too, which previously seemed pretty good. (Comments Feedback: Bozo, yeah, we've had a good experience with our Linksys router up until this... I don't know how another Linksys product killed but it seems as if that's just what happened.)

Link of the Moment
Making the rounds is that picture of the guy in the "real time camouflage" rainjacket, with a projector that puts a view of the scene behind him in front of him. I hadn't previously seen this movie page, which is a quite a bit more impressive.

Vocabulary of the Moment
Maybe this class of vehicle should be called FUVs.
Gregg Easterbrook on the Hummer and its ilk
from this New Republic piece. (via this article on commercials for the behemoths.)

Geek History of the Moment
The author of VisiCalc speaks. VisiCalc was the first spreadsheet program. Interesting for a certain type of history-minded geek. (Also see a more comprehensive history page. Note that they didn't go for a patent, because software patents were extremely rare those days. How times have changed.)

Quote of the Moment
"While the topography of the human face is the hardest to simulate digitally, it turns out to be one of the easiest to map photogrammetrically. It has fewer shadows and occlusions than, say, the city of Paris. The language of the face communicates maximum information through the subtlest inflections. The interfaces of our souls are designed to be read in a heartbeat."
Great article.