if at second you don't succeed, give up

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April 7, 2003
Quote of the Moment
It is better to have tried and failed than to have failed to try, but the result's the same.
Mike Dennison.
I think I disagree with this statement; the result is the same only in the context of yes/no, did the thing get completed. Much of the surrunding situation can be very different based on whether the thing was attempted and what form the failure took.
And whether it's better to try or not to try...I dunno, I think one of my bigger personality flaws is that I'd rather not give something a whirl and know I'm bad at it then give it a shot and know that it's beyond me.

Encyclopedia Brown of the Moment
A guys blog prevented him getting taken in by a relationship based on baldfaced lies and manipulation. What's interesting is the geekiness of the final "trick question" he pulls on her. Kind of scary that there are people out there like that woman. (busted link, try Wayback Machine Archive)

Link of the Moment
A pretty big page with a bunch of optical illusions.

Tribute of the Moment
Brief salon.com piece on Seasame Street as it begins its 34th season. Huh, kind of odd to think it's only 5 years older than I am, that it's not one of those eternal things.

Article of the Moment
Some background and information on that most lovely and rewarding habit of ours, Daylight Saving Time. I wish it was all year 'round! The interactive flash on the Rationale & Original Idea page is especially cool, and even informative. Benjamin Franklin really was a genius.